Check out our 2020 winners!

Every year, at the CAPH/SNI Annual Conference, we showcase the innovative approaches to improve care and advance population health in California’s public health care systems through the Quality Leaders Awards (QLAs). The QLAs honor the good work underway to achieve high value, high quality, patient-centered care.

The goals of the QLAs are to:

  • Showcase forward-thinking and innovative approaches in California’s public health care systems to address the health care needs of the communities they serve
  • Encourage the spread of effective strategies that improve the quality of care and advance population health
  • Recognize the dedicated and talented professionals working in public health care systems

Three categories of awards:

This year, public health care systems rapidly transformed their operations to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. We understand that the pandemic has resulted in the upheaval of existing models of care, but also recognize that systems continue to work hard on improvement initiatives they had in place prior to COVID. We seek to celebrate both types of efforts and will therefore accept both COVID- and non-COVID-related submissions for any category.

  •  Ambulatory Care Redesign:
    • Recognizes an outstanding effort to implement team-based care that increases efficiencies, advances clinical quality, and/or enhances patient experience with “right place, right time care”
  • Data-Driven Organizations:
    • Recognizes an outstanding effort to build data infrastructure, develop data analytics capacity, and/or leverage data to improve clinical care
  • Performance Excellence:
    • Recognizes an outstanding effort to redesign processes to increase efficiency, decrease waste, and ultimately improve patient experience

In addition, all applicants will be considered for the Top Honor – Clinical Systems Development Award, which recognizes an outstanding effort to improve system integration or to leverage an integrated structure to provide seamless care to patients across care settings.

To be eligible for a QLA:

  •  The improvement initiative must be driven by the public health care system that is a member of CAPH. County and community partners may be involved (e.g., criminal justice, health plans, community-based organizations)
  •  The improvement effort must go above and beyond requirements in PRIME, Global Payment Program, or Whole Person Care programs
  • The improvement effort must fit into one of the categories listed above

Questions? Contact Zoe So, Program Coordinator at SNI