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Data Analytics

Data Analytics & Informatics

Public health care systems are committed to being data-driven technologically advanced systems that utilize analytics to provide the highest quality care.

They have made significant gains in advancing informatics structures with the adoption of enterprise-wide electronic health records. And, over the past few years, particularly due to participation in Medi-Cal waiver and managed care programs, public health care systems further developed robust, accurate, and timely data analytics to support regulatory reporting and drive local performance.

To facilitate these efforts, SNI hosted learning opportunities to strengthen the people, processes and technologies for analytics, including content on data governance and strategy, improving encounter data, visualization of data, how care teams act on data, and data literacy. 

Today, public health care systems are adopting new frameworks and technologies to advance health information exchange to meaningfully address patients’ health and social needs. To support this work, SNI convenes Chief Informatics Officers, Chief Medical Informatics Officers, and other data and IT leads to discuss health informatics topics, share progress on IT system procurement and implementation, and provide policy feedback to CAPH. Furthermore, SNI supports systems as they meet the robust reporting requirements for QIP and GPP.

Photo Credit: Contra Costa Health Services