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SNI Forward August 2023

Welcome to the SNI Forward! 

We’re thrilled to have you join us for another edition of the SNI Forward newsletter. We’re excited to share the latest from SNI, from new team members to groundbreaking collaborations.

First, a big welcome to Natalie Sainz, our newest addition to the SNI team. Joining us in 2023 as a Program Associate, Natalie brings a wealthof experience in advancing learning, programs, and policies across public health care systems. Natalie’s passion for making a difference is undeniable, having previously worked for a patient-focused platform dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes. 

We’ve also launched an exciting new partnership with the Local Health Plans of California (LHPC), with grant support provided by the California Health Care Foundation. Together with LHPC, we’re laying the groundwork for improved collaboration between public health care systems (PHS) and Medicaid managed care plans, identifying shared priorities, gathering input from a joint advisory group of PHS and local health plan leaders, and organizing a series of convenings where PHS and plan leaders will work together toward mutual goals. The first convening in January 2024 will focus on quality of care and showcase effective models of collaboration between PHS and health plans that drive quality improvement. Future convenings will address data exchange, CalAIM, and more. As this partnership grows, we look forward to sharing insights about how we can strengthen relationships and work together with health plans to achieve our shared goals.  

Read on for more news on SNI’s efforts related to workforce wellbeing, racial equity, and the Quality Incentive Pool.   

Giovanna Giuliani
Executive Director
California Health Care Safety Net Institute

Get Your Application in for the Quality Leader Awards!

Attention CAPH System members: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shine! Make sure to get your applications in for the 2023 Quality Leader Awards, the deadline for which has been extended to August 31, 2023. This prestigious recognition celebrates excellence in quality care. We eagerly anticipate highlighting the winners at our Annual Conference in December. Learn more about the application process and the upcoming conference at caph.org/about/members/qla/. 

Wrapping Up Workforce Wellbeing: A Continued Commitment to Workforce Health

While SNI’s workforce wellbeing program has concluded, we continue to address wellbeing as a priority in all SNI programs, supporting members’ efforts to address burnout and lift morale. SNI has connected five systems with expert coaches who provide valuable guidance in areas such as strategic planning and resource allocation, identifying and tracking key performance indicators, and creating new Chief Wellness Officer roles. With additional systems poised to begin coaching in the coming months, SNI’s commitment to workforce wellbeing remains unwavering.  Read more on our workforce wellbeing program here.   

Racial Equity Community of Practice: Building Momentum

Our journey to improve health equity continues. The Racial Equity Community of Practice (CoP) completed Phase One in July, showcasing the incredible strides California’s public health care systems have made. Through a forthcoming video series, case studies, and a final report, we’ll share the valuable lessons learned during this transformative phase. Stay tuned! 

And, thanks to the support of the California Health Care Foundation, we’re launching Phase Two of the CoP this fall, continuing our partnership with the National Equity Project to support systems as they build and implement racial equity action plans and hardwire a focus on equity into their processes and policies.  

Celebrating Quality Incentive Pool Achievements 

The results are in, and we’re thrilled to highlight the remarkable achievements of public health care systems in the Quality Incentive Pool (QIP) for 2022. QIP is large-scale pay for performance program that provides critical financing for public health care systems if they meet ambitious improvement targets on key clinical measures that are aligned with the State’s quality goals and strategy. 

This year, public health care systems’ unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in care has yielded exceptional outcomes. Here’s a closer look at the key accomplishments: 


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