SNI plays three critical roles in support of California's public health care systems:

Supporting and Accelerating Decision-Making and Learning Within and Across Member Systems

Each of California’s public health care systems has its own set of circumstances, challenges, strengths, and opportunities, all of which contribute to a wealth of incredibly valuable information for others on a similar journey of delivery system transformation.  Each individual public health care system has lessons it can learn and wisdom it can share.  SNI facilitates connections between members through large group convenings, regular peer-group workshops and calls, topic-focused webinars and 1:1 conversations.

SNI also gives members access to other experts in the field, through the identification and curation of key resources, the facilitation of expert-led workshops and webinars, and close collaboration with partner organizations.

SNI synthesizes member successes, expert information, and best practices so that members are making decisions and acting with a strong knowledge base as the foundation.