Photo: May 24, 2017 WIT Convening

Waiver Integration Teams (WIT)

Waiver Integration Teams (WITs) are core groups of leaders at each of the public health care systems that are responsible for strategic and operational oversight of the waiver programs and broader delivery system reform efforts. By design, the WITs are interdisciplinary teams of leaders that bring diverse perspectives to the implementation of the Medi-Cal 2020 waiver. The teams vary by site, but generally include leaders in clinical care, health information technology, finance, organization strategy, and quality improvement/ performance excellence.

SNI convenes the WITs 3-4 times per year to engage in strategic planning and learn from one another.  At the convenings, systems share strategies to coordinate waiver programs and other delivery system reform efforts, so that they reinforce and build on one another rather than operate in a siloed manner. Examples of topics at previous WITs include integrating behavioral health in the context of Whole Person Care, PRIME, and ACA Section 2703 Health Homes, sharing data across partners to meet reporting requirements for PRIME and GPP, and using PRIME and GPP performance data to drive strategic, organizational decision-making.

Ultimately, the WITs ensure that waiver efforts are integrated and align with broader strategic priorities at each organization.