Photo: University of California

PRIME Support

PRIME is a pay-for-performance delivery system improvement program and one of the cornerstones of the Medi-Cal 2020 waiver, providing up to $3.2 billion in funding to California’s public health care systems if all targets are met. The program is nothing short of ambitious, with a minimum of nine required projects for CAPH members, who must report an average of 50-60 quality metrics twice yearly to the State.

To ensure members have the support needed to meet key reporting deadlines, SNI provides timely, responsive hands-on support to PRIME leads and their teams at California’s public health care systems through one-on-one targeted technical assistance and the publication of in-depth guides and manuals.

In addition to the technical support for reporting requirements, SNI fosters a peer group for the PRIME leads through a series of webinars and workshops, where members share on-the-ground implementation challenges and lessons learned – with topics ranging from PRIME governance, to data validation, to best practices on strategically aligning PRIME with other care transformation initiatives.

SNI’s PRIME support also aligns closely with our Ambulatory Care Redesign offerings, in which we are identifying and sharing success­ful operational and clinical practices for the six required PRIME projects.