California’s public health care systems strive to provide high-quality, equitable health care to all who need it. But we know that health care itself is only one component of an individual’s overall health, and that each person’s physical environment, social and community context, education, and economic stability all contribute to his or her health and well-being. All of these factors together are social determinants of health.

Health care is not provided in a vacuum. All patients receive care in the context of their own experiences; those experiences should inform what kind of care is provided, and how.

By considering and understanding the whole range of factors that contribute to each individual’s health, providers are better equipped to give all patients the care they need, and by studying and analyzing data related to these factors, providers and their county or community partners can work to address the entire spectrum.

SNI is helping our members implement the Medi-Cal 2020 which includes Whole Person Care pilots – local efforts to care for our communities’ highest-risk and most vulnerable patients in a more integrated and coordinated way, not just within a the context of health care, but across different entities and organizations with different focuses, to provide a more complete range of care to the patients who need it most. To find out more about the Whole Person Care program, download our Issue Brief on the waiver.

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