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Patient Visit Redesign News

CAPH Hospitals Cited for Excellence

2006 CAPH Annual Conference

Cultural Diversity Conference

IHI Learning Opportunities

Diabetes Education Training

New Events on the SNI Calendar

Recent ED Study Debunks Usage Myth

Senate Bill 1405 Passed in State Senate

Pay-for-Performance and Chronic Disease Care















































Patient Visit Redesign Work Approaches Tipping Point

Spread Collaborative Update

The SNI Patient Visit Redesign Spread Collaborative, where systems who participated in clinic redesign in 2005 are using their internal staff experts to redesign 10 more clinics across these systems, has achieved astounding results very early in the redesign process: The average cycle time from the first 7 redesign tests was 48 minutes, and the average productivity was 2.93 patients per hour. And they are still hard at work.

12 CAPH Clinics to Participate in New Patient Visit Redesign Collaborative

The new SNI Patient Visit Redesign Collaborative with Coleman Associates is up and running as of this week.  Twelve clinics from CAPH hospitals will participate for the first time in making dramatic improvements to their delivery of ambulatory care.  These 12 clinics bring the total number of CAPH clinics to do redesign to 35. See the full list of systems and clinics here.

Three CAPH Hospitals Cited for Excellence in Health Care Quality

CAPH Hospitals Recognized for Excellence

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC), Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (CCRMC), and University of California, San Diego Medical Center (UCSD) have been designated as mentor hospitals in a national campaign to reduce errors at hospitals.

The 100,000 Lives Campaign was organized by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. VMC was recognized for its rapid response team for patients whose vital signs suddenly deteriorate, and CCRMC for its drug error prevention program. UCSD significantly improved care for patients with acute myocardial infarction. Click here to see a recent AP article. Read more about 100,000 Lives here.

2006 CAPH Annual Conference

Promise, Policy, & Pursuit of Excellence: The Road Ahead for Public Hospitals

Save the date! The 2006 CAPH Annual Conference will be held December 6-8 at the Marriott Marina Del Rey in Southern California. For more information, visit the CAPH website or call 510-874-7100.

Health Care and Cultural Diversity Conference

Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations Conference Information

Plan to attend the Fifth National Conference on Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations: Building the Essential Link between Quality, Cultural Competence, and Disparities Reduction, October 17 - 20, 2006 in Seattle, Washington. The conference will highlight leading work in the areas of health care quality, cultural competence, and disparities reduction.  SNI and the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems (NAPH) will lead a session on Leadership Insights: Framing and Integrating Cultural Competence into Strategic Priorities. 

Click here for more details.

IHI Learning Opportunities

Scholarships Available for Upcoming IHI Events

SNI is accepting scholarship applications from CAPH member systems for two upcoming IHI events:

  1. The 18th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care, to be held in Orlando, FL, Dec. 10-13, 2006.
  2. The Patient Safety Officer Executive Development training (specifically for your hospital’s Patient Safety Officer and CEO; CEO attends two days) in Cambridge, MA, March 7-14, 2007 ( fills up fast - apply now if interested !)

Find out more about these programs on the IHI website.

In addition to program fee scholarships, there also may be limited travel financial support available.  These scholarships are made possible by our partnership with Kaiser Permanente.  The scholarship application process begins online.

Diabetes Education Training

The Whittier Institute Provides Diabetes Education and Trainings

The Whittier Institute for Diabetes provides resources for innovative diabetes research, education, and patient care.

Click here to view upcoming trainings provided by the Whittier Institute. To learn more about their organization and programs, visit their website.

New Events on SNI Calendar

Visit the SNI Calendar

We are adding executive development and clinical education opportunities regularly.  Recently added: Upcoming web seminars from HealthTech, free to all registered users through SNI.  Topics include “The Future of Digital Delivery of Care” and “The Future of Clinical Support Services.”  Contact Hunter Gatewood at to become a HealthTech registered user.  (HealthTech services also include planning tools for subjects such as Facilities Planning and Technology Planning.  It’s not all surgical robots at HealthTech.)

Recent ED Study Debunks Myth

Areas with Greatest Numbers of Uninsured, Latino, and Immigrant Residents have Lowest Rates of ED Use

A recent study, What Accounts For Differences In The Use Of Hospital Emergency Departments Across U.S. Communities?, debunks the myth that immigrants and the poor are to be blamed for the rise in the number of emergency room visits that have occurred nationally.  This study analyzed emergency room use in 12 communities around the country and found that the areas with the greatest numbers of uninsured, Latino, and immigrant residents actually had the lowest rates of use.

Click here for more information.

Senate Bill 1405 Passed in State Senate

Proposed State Task Force on Reimbursement for Language Services

Senate Bill 1405, which would create a Task Force on Reimbursement for Language Services, has passed the state senate.  The task force would convene to develop a system in which federal dollars would match state funds in paying for language assistance services to LEP beneficiaries and enrollees in the Medi-Cal and Healthy Families programs.  The bill now stands in Assembly Appropriations, and a final vote on the Senate floor is scheduled to take place between August 7th-30th.  SB 1405 was originally introduced by State Senator Soto and coauthored by Assembly Member Yee. 

Pay-for-Performance and Chronic Disease Care

Chronic Disease Management, Quality of Care, and the Movement for P4P and Public Reporting

Through participation in the Medicare demonstration project on pay-for-performance , and a simultaneous public reporting process,  Minnesota clinics have dramatically improved the care of diabetic patients. Click here to read the full article.

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