Welcome to the SNI Forward, our quarterly snapshot of the transformation progress at California’s public health care systems and the work of the California Health Care Safety Net Institute (SNI).

Over the past several months, public health care systems have invested significant resources to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates and optimize virtual care options while also ramping up access to primary and preventive care services to address pent-up demand as a result of the pandemic. While they continue to focus on these priorities, public health care systems are also preparing to transition to new statewide programs in 2023. SNI is providing training and technical assistance to members on all of these fronts.

SNI is also supporting members as they advance their capabilities to deliver virtual care. Recently, SNI released a toolkit to guide members through a strategic relaunch of their patient portals to help increase patient engagement and access to virtual options for care. In addition, SNI developed a telehealth maturity model to assess members’ progress implementing telehealth, both to help members develop a long-term roadmap and to inform technical assistance needs in the future.

Further underscoring the important role of virtual care, in this Forward, we spotlight UC Davis Health’s new telehealth program for agricultural workers in the Central Valley. This bold new initiative will help increase access to more equitable care.

As we look ahead, SNI will remain focused on supporting members in these key priority areas, as well as continue our deep involvement in preparing public health care systems for the transition of their Whole Person Care pilots into the State’s CalAIM initiative.

Giovanna Giuliani
Executive Director
California Health Care Safety Net Institute

Vaccine Equity Report Highlights Public Health Care Systems’ Strategies to Reach Vulnerable Populations

Across the state, public health care systems have been leading efforts to vaccinate communities of color, low-income essential workers, and other populations who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. To help disseminate and share these strategies, SNI published a report, Equitable Distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccine: Recommended Practices, based on interviews with 35 vaccine administration leaders across California’s public health care systems.

The report highlights three key strategies: 1) developing community- and faith-based partnerships; 2) using a mix of approaches and outreach practices; and 3) blanketing communities with multimedia and multilingual communications. In addition, the report provides practical operational tips and tactics as well as 27 real-world examples of public health care systems’ efforts to increase vaccination rates in their communities.

SNI hosted a webinar with members to share lessons learned, and the report also serves as a resource for other health care systems across the state. As public health care systems remain focused on increasing vaccine acceptance, SNI will continue to focus on understanding these successful practices over time.

For more information, see the executive summary or the full report.

SNI Forward – July 2021
Photo: Contra Costa Health Services

UC Davis Health Co-Launches Telehealth Program for Agricultural Workers in the Central Valley

To help address inequities in care that were further exacerbated by the pandemic for underserved agricultural workers, UC Davis Health is co-launching a bold new telehealth initiative called ACTIVATE.

In our latest blog, we describe how this high-touch, comprehensive program aims to ensure that at-risk patients in the Central Valley receive the access, resources, and digital skills needed to virtually receive care for their tough-to-manage chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Ranging from infrastructure support to health coaches and digital technology/tools, ACTIVATE will allow patients to access care from their homes, packing houses, farms and anywhere else via telehealth.

The program, which will launch this summer, is being co-designed by patients and piloted with UC Davis’ longstanding partner Merced-based Livingston Community Health.

SNI Forward – July 2021
Photo Credit: © 2006 Nancy Nehring

To learn more, check out the blog story or the videos below featuring the leaders who are working hard on the implementation of ACTIVATE.

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