Photo: Ventura County Health Care Agency

Global Payment Program (GPP) Support

The Medi-Cal 2020 waiver’s Global Payment Program for the re­maining uninsured provides incentives for California’s public health care systems to deliver care in more innovative and effective ways, including spreading the use of “non-traditional services” like technology-based visits, group classes, and electronic referral and electronic consultation with specialty care providers. In many cases, these are services that have never been tracked before, because they were previously not eligible for payment. These non-traditional services offer patients more options for timely, convenient and patient-centered care.

SNI supports California’s public health care systems’ efforts to track and report these services with technical assistance for State-required biannual reporting through the publication of a reporting guide that includes standardized coding for non-traditional services. Frequently asked questions about reporting are answered and tracked in a resource on SNI Link, where other reporting aids are also posted.

SNI also provides opportunities for Global Payment Program leads to share best practices and lessons learned around reporting approaches and local infrastructure via regular webinars. Additionally, SNI partners with experts to provide additional tools and resources around the planning and implementation of key non-traditional services, while emphasizing more innovative, patient-friendly approaches supported by technology.

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