Interpreter Videos

  • The Health Care Interpreters Network Video *This video informs about remote video interpretation and features LEAD Participants from cohort one.
  • Communicating Effectively Through An Interpreter *This 28-minute video/DVD is designed to help providers in: choosing an appropriate interpreter recognizing the signs of professional and unprofessional interpretation working effectively with a trained interpreter and guiding an untrained interpreter. produced by the Cross Cultural Health Care Program Seattle WA (; tel:206-860-0329)

Health Education

  • Utah Center for Multicultural Health The Utah Department of Health: Center for Multicultural Health. *video. Examines differences in communication styles. Shows the misunderstandings that can result when people of different national origin or ethnic background (or even personality) try to communicate. Models for more effective communication are provided. Length of video in minutes: 30 minutes. Contact: Griggs Productions 302 23 rd Avenue San Francisco CA 94121. Call: 415-455-1500 / 1-800-210-4200 *Palliative Care Brochure in English and Spanish by UCSF’s Center for the Health Professions.
  • SPIRAL (Selected Patient Information in Asian Languages) information in Cambodia/Khmer Chinese Hmong Korean Lao Thai Vietnamese.
  • The 24 Languages Project This project is in partnership with the Utah Department of Health the Immunization Action Coalition AAPCHO and many others to improve access to health materials in multiple languages.
  • Palliative Care Council of South Australia Inc. This site includes cultural and ethnic background information for health providers when working with palliative care patients.
  • Queensland Health- Multicultural Health Resources includes Cultural Diversity Package Multicultural and Language Service Policies Handbook on Muslim Patients.

Publications & Listserves

  • Testing New Technologies in Medical Interpreting *This manual created by the Cambridge Health Alliance covers Face-to-Face Medical Interpreting Telephone Medical Interpreting Videoconferencing Medical Interpreting Remote Simultaneous Medical Interpreting (RSMI) as well as data collection and analysis on these uses.
  • CLAS-talk discussion group sponsored by Resources for Cross Cultural Health Care and the DiversityRx website ( Participants can raise issues ask questions share information and resources and network with each other around topics related to the design delivery and evaluation of culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) in health care. You will also receive updates on new publications policies and events related to CLAS.
  • Communicating Effectively Through An Interpreter: Barriers to Communication *Created by the Cross Cultural Health Care Program PacMed Clinics. This video was developed to help providers choose appropriate interpreters recognize signs of professional and unprofessional interpretation work effectively with a trained interpreter and guide an untrained interpreter. Length of video in minutes: 28:14.

Government Sites & Regulations